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Dome Lamp Nafees- Baramasi Seasons

Rs. 124,800.00

DOME LAMP Range: Place yourself under a large celestial dome and pierced with patterns of dots like stars in the sky. The magical underside of the dome is like a miniature ceiling on your space. Painted with the delicate flora and fauna of Mughal Miniatures by professional artisans, these lamps are paintings suspended in space and travelling through the time of the seasons. Nafees Baramasi (Seasons) 12 months Swirling around and throughout the dome of the Nafees Baramasi Dome Lamp, an intimate landscape of Mughal images including flora, fauna and animals circumnavigating the dome and changing as the months in the calendar. Sitting under this lamp at an austere table, you will be suffused with a fantastic miniature landscape. 

Bulb not included

Material - Aluminium

Dimensions - 610 mm X 610 mm X 380 mm

Care Instructions - To clean, use a soft damp cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners to avoid scratching the original smooth finish.

Exchange/Return Policy - Exchange in case of manufacturing defect

Delivery - 7 to 10 working days


Each product is a work of art. Finish variations and slight differences are part of the artisanal nature of this product hence should not be considered as a defect.