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Vann Essentials

Eucalyptus Oil

Rs. 165.00

10 ML
15 ML

Eucalyptus Oil, an integral component of Indian Ayurveda, boasts a myriad of health benefits. This versatile oil serves as a remedy for colds, sinus issues, migraines, and coughs. It also doubles as a natural solution for insomnia when used for sleep. Eucalyptus Oil is a powerful bug repellent, an antiseptic agent, and a key player in aromatherapy for treating irregular sleep patterns.

Rich in flavonoids, such as catechins, luteolin, phloretin, and quercetin, it provides a robust source of antioxidants, guarding the body against free radicals and oxidative stress.

Among its numerous health advantages, Eucalyptus Oil aids in respiratory problems, offers rejuvenating aromatherapy benefits, and serves as an antimicrobial powerhouse, effectively eliminating microbes, mold, and odors from the air while promoting wound healing and joint pain relief. Experience the holistic wellness benefits of Eucalyptus Oil today.

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