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Etisha Collective

Everyday Luxury Gift Hamper - Set 1

Rs. 7,500.00

Plush & Bare Face Cloth Ecru | Lemongrass Patchouli Scented Candle | Basil Sambac Towel Perfume


Contents - 

1. Plush and Bare Face Cloth In Ecru

An exfoliated skin requires the touch of the softest cotton to ensure no other impurities enter your supple skin.

2. Hand-poured joy: Lemon Grass + Patchouli Candle - 150 gm

Infused with pure and unprocessed Lemongrass & Patchouli, this handpoured candle exudes freshness.

3. Basil Infused Sambac Towel Perfume - 15 ML

Notes of basil and sambac romantically blend together to give a light floral fragrance that will keep your towels smelling fresh always.

Towel Care - Black Sea cotton is known to have the one of the longest fibres in the world, ensuring supreme absorbency. We promise that our loomed hand towel will feel unbelievably soft and will get softer with every use for years to come if cared for properly.Cotton is never absorbent on the bush, but has the ability to learn, hence must be taught. Factories use chemicals to teach their cotton how to absorb while our towels just need a simple soak.

Soak the eloquence towel for 12-24 hours in cold water for our tight organic cotton to bloom. Wring by hand or drip dry. A subsequent washing machine cycle at 35 degrees with cool-medium dry can follow but is optional.

Easy everyday care with delicate cold or warm machine wash with natural laundry detergent. Can be tumble or line dried.

Simply cut any snag or pull with a scissor to leave the weave unaffected

Candle Care - Do not leave a burning candle unattended. Keep away from children, pets, curtains and drafts. Allow your wax candle to burn until the entire surface of the candle melts for approximately 3.5 hours. Remember to trim the wick each time before lighting. If black smoke appears, blow the candle out, trim wick and relight. Protect the surface on which the lit candle rests with the lid. To prevent discolouration, cover the candle with the lid after it cools.


Exchange/Return Policy - Exchange in case of a manufacturing defect

Delivery - 10 - 15 working days