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Vann Essentials

Neem Oil

Rs. 80.00

10 ML
15 ML

Neem, nature's versatile remedy, offers a wide array of benefits for skin, hair, health, and hygiene, with Neem Oil derived from its leaves, barks, and stems being a potent ally. It's a skin saver, combatting acne, diminishing scars and wrinkles, soothing sunburns, and promoting overall skin health. When it comes to hair, it eliminates dandruff, maintains hair health and shine, and adds volume.

Neem oil is also a purification powerhouse, cleansing the air when diluted and sprayed, and acting as a body purifier when added to bathwater, effectively preventing body odor. Moreover, it serves as a reliable bug repellent, keeping insects at bay when dabbed near windows, doors, and bed corners.

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