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Vann Essentials


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10 ML
15 ML

Peppermint, a hybrid of spearmint and watermint, has been utilized for centuries for its invigorating scent, therapeutic attributes, and hygiene advantages, rendering it a favored component in personal care products. Derived from the same peppermint plant, peppermint essential oil offers intensified benefits, effectively addressing digestive ailments, alleviating nausea, mitigating stress, and restoring disrupted sleep patterns.

It soothes stomach muscles, enhances bile flow for improved digestion, and prevents indigestion, ensuring a gas-free, microbe-free, and clear gut. Additionally, peppermint oil provides rapid relief from various discomforts, whether induced by health concerns or stress, serving as an invaluable remedy. Furthermore, its aromatic essence not only serves as a natural disinfectant when mixed with water for home use but also aids in stress and anxiety management through aromatherapy, promoting better sleep by calming anxious thoughts.

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