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Roseate Deck (Full set of 52 + 3 cards)

Rs. 999.00

Roseate playing cards have a number of valuable features for magicians. The back design includes a subtle one way back designed to for magic tricks. The cards are traditionally cut to help facilitate the execution of perfect Faro Shuffles. Each deck also includes a blank card and two identical Jokers.

* The Roseate deck features an iconic twist of the Roseate Logo pattern printed in a rich shade of Rose Gold on the tuck case. The back design is an elegant neutral beige, which will go along perfectly with you. 

* The cards are designed by India's award winning artist duo - Thukral and Tagra aka TNT. Each face has been custom designed by them and the face cards feature artwork from the ‘Bathtub’ book. 

* The cards are printed on a silky smooth finish with super thin stock of paper. 

* The cards are carefully packaged in a beautiful embossed and foil laced ‘Never Leave’ tuck case. 

 Your hands deserve nothing but the best.