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Vann Essentials

Ylang Ylang

Rs. 430.00

10 ML
15 ML

Ylang-ylang, a star-shaped yellow herb flower found on the Cananga tree, yields Ylang-Ylang Oil when its flowers are extracted. This oil is cherished for its delightful fragrance and finds extensive applications in the cosmetic industry and aromatherapy. In aromatherapy, diffusing or diluted spraying of Ylang-Ylang Oil promotes stress relief, anxiety reduction, and enhances relaxation and sleep quality.

Its antimicrobial properties, attributed to compounds like linalool, make it effective against bacteria and fungi, ideal for creating a germ-free living space when diluted and sprayed. Moreover, it serves as a natural deodorant, keeping you fragrant throughout the day, and its anti-inflammatory nature suggests potential relief for arthritis and gout when mixed with carrier oils and used for massage.

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